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1-1 Soft Sales Listening Leadership 

8 sessions with Willem, covering communication skills, listening mastery, presentation skills and listening-based influence. 

Session 1+2: Patterns & beliefs

Session 3+4: Presentation and body language

In this first 60-minute session, we do a Buddha Inquiry to dive deep into where your business meets your convictions and beliefs. We dive into your subconcious patterns that are holding you back from influencing others.

Session 2 is all about your language patterns and how you can shift language to be more influencial with every person. We get to know your default patterns and we start training emotional agility.

Session 5+6: Role play

We practice, practice, practice. 

Willem acts as a potential client, and you're tested to the breaking point using the 6 question framework, mirroringlabeling, 

and listening techniques. We practice having difficult bad news conversations, sales calls and celebrations.

We learn from your favorite person by analyzing your hero's communication style. We map their language, influencial principles, tonality and body language, so we can learn what makes Barack Obama, Beyoncé or Elon Musk so damn good at influencing.
In session 4 we train your ability to give concise, to-the-point and emotionally engaging presentations, by recording and iterating your performance. 

Session 7+8: Call training

We take the learnings into the real world and analyze recordings of your work conversations. With careful guidance you'll learn how to train and adjust yourself - the way you ask questions, the level of listening, connecting on language patterns, body language (yes, even over the phone); the whole deal. You'll learn to infuence while staying true to yourself.

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What's included?


Eight 1-1 sessions with Willem (60+ minutes)


Tailored exercises between every session


Art of Soft Selling video course (available soon)


6-month no-questions money back guarantee


Unlimited WhatsApp support (6 months)

"Very useful and insightful, easy to start incorporating right away"

Vicky Kooman, Noorderwind

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