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Deep listening for Teams

Drive authentic connection

Listen deeply to eachother, with and without words. This builds trust within teams and allows coworkers to drop their guard for authentic connections.

Create collaborative energy

Simply by changing the words you use, you can switch from adversarial to collaborative energy. That's where collaborative questioning comes in: switching "why" for "how" and "what"-based questions and proactive listening through labels and mirrors.

Analysis of language patterns

By exploring the groups different language patterns and doing role-play exercises, we get to know their individual decision-making drivers. Are they risk-avoidant or goal-oriented? Who focuses on options, and who's necessity-based? 

Leadership by listening

A true leader listens more than they speak. What would happen if everyone in the team becomes a truly great listener? We learn to spot when someone is not listening, but waiting for their turn to speak - and how to counter that.

Improve feedback

Feedback is powerful, but often difficult to deliver and receive correctly. By using a 3-step formula based in proactive listening, we lower the threshold to giving continious feedback, not just once a year in performance reviews.

Fun & Energizing

This workshop is active. There will be role-play, dynamic silence exercises and nonverbal interactions after which we'll get to shake it all off - it always leaves participants energized and full of healthy team spirit. 

4 hours

Groups of 8-25

Dutch or English

Collaborative & Fun

Listening leaders before you

"Great training, lots of topics discussed, good trainer"


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