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Listening leaders

Join the community of listening leaders.

We meet once a month, online, and have discussions on leadership, listening, influence and how to run a team. It's a great place to show up for support, advice and meeting new people. 

Send me an email ( for details.


Open workshop dates

Regular workshops on the topics of listening, sales and leadership. Find the dates below.

12 December 2023:

Utrecht University 

the Art of Soft Selling mini course (2.5 hrs)

25 January 2024:

Creative Collab Amersfoort
The Art of Soft Selling workshop (74 minutes)

28 February 2024:

Element Leiden

Masterclass Soft Selling (90 minutes)

19 March 2024:
Element Utrecht

Masterclass Soft Selling (90 minutes)

Send an email to to join one of these events.

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