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Leer Luisteren


Harness the power of listening today.


1-1 Soft Sales, listening leadership program

Immerse yourself in the art of listening leadership in 8 one-on-one sessions with Willem. 
Together, we will build on your own convictions, cover NLP language patterns, mirroring, labeling, and the art of asking great questions.

You'll learn to help others decide by listening deeply. 


Team workshop Proactive Listening

Boost your team's listening abilities.

Dive into techniques that go beyond just hearing: becoming actively engaged and picking up on language patterns and non-verbal signals.

This workshop focuses on building trust, cutting down on misunderstandings, and creating a listening team culture based on empathy and understanding. 


Keynote: Behind the Words

Looking for an inspiring keynote speaker? 

Behind the Words is a heartfelt and inspiring reminder to harness the power of listening.


Willem van Uijen

I have a dream.


One day, we will all be able to listen. We will understand the other person's point of view before trying to change their mind. 


I believe the world needs better listeners. 

It needs listening leaders, listening salespeople, and listening employees. It's my personal mission to help people connect deeply in business.

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Behind The Words

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